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Materials of production range from Aluminum to Zinc, Hardened steel RC56 to Delrin and eProduct Line : DanThai Machinery’s products is high-end products with high precision machine components in Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium. These components are produced on CNC-machines with the latest computer technology and are used in the production equipment in pharmaceutical, medical and food industries.

Keyence XM-1200 series

Keyence XM-1200 series

A New model of the Handheld CMM

Handheld Probe CMM

Flat-bed CNC Lathe Machine : Angle-FL12E/1500

Flat-bed CNC Lathe Machine : Angle-FL12E/1500

Max swing over bed : 660mm

Max swing over carriage : 420mm

Demeter of spindle bore : 88mm

300mm manual 3-jaw chuck



CNC milling : Hass VF-2SE

CNC milling : Hass VF-2SE

The Working area: X-axis 762mm, Y-axis 406mm, Z-axis 508mm

Table 914x356mm, The machine has 8100 rmp

CNC milling machine

CNC milling machine: HartFort VMC 1270 with a round table. The working area: 1270mm x-axis, Y-axis of 635mm, the Z-axis of 515mm The machine has 60-8000 rpm pr.min

CNC lathe

CNC lathe: Puma 240 MB with C-axis (rotary tools)

Working area: X-axis diameter of 300mm, Z-axis 500mm long

Diameter of spindle : 58 mm.

Pinacho lathe Machine

Pinacho lathe Machine

Pinacho lathe Machine Max swing over Bed :
12000mm Diameter of spindle bore : 65mm
250mm 3-Jaws chuck

Manual lathe

Manual lathe: Universal Gap-Bed Engine Lathe

Model: C6266Bx2000mm.
Max swing over Bed : 660mm,
Max swing over Gap : 820mm Max swing over Carriage : 435mm, Diameter of spindle bore : 82mm 320mm 4-Jaws chuck, 250mm 3-Jaws chuck Steady rest up to 310mm

Cylindrical Gringing Machine

Cylindrical Gringing Machine

NINAKUCHI LG-45 Distance : Z450 mm
Capacity : 220 mm
Min : 5 micron

CNC Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machine

Matsuura RA-3F VMC VERTICAL Working area : X-axis 800mm, Y-axis 440mm, Z-axis 484mm,
2 Table Pallet Changer, M/C has 30-8000 RPM and tool position 30ATC


CNC Non-Contact Video Measuring System

Technology Features of MAX-PLUS Series

Video system: High Resolution & High Accuracy CCD/    High Speed Video Capture Card

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