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Our Company

More than 30 years of experience in producing high quality components in all kinds of material on modern CNC machines.

Professional Team

A team of professionals are available to serve you.

DanThai Machinery is German / Danish owned.

DANTHAI is a Danish/German owned supply chain and project management corporation, we supply package solutions to precision machining OEM projects.        Our goal is to reduce customers’ procurement and manufacturing costs.

Within a safe environment to produce the right quality at the expected time at a competitive price


Being a prominent mechanical OEM projects management corporation

Integrity, Diligence, Expertise and Creativity


We meet your toughest mechanical project requirements.

What DANTHAI services cover

DANTHAI is committed to providing our customers with a one-stop service for complete processes.

DANTHAI’s services cover setting up product quality standards and quality control management systems, organizing and conducting Q/C timely, offering worldwide door to door logistics solutions, product quality guarantees and defective products recall and replacement.

Why buy from DANTHAI

  • 9 years professional experience with a Danish/German management team with 30 years experience in manufacturing of high-end, high quality machine parts and product parts in all kinds of materials.
  • Complete project management and one-stop service for complete process and financial and engineering support.
  • Complete quality control: Q/C team support.
  • DANTHAI Machinery has a strong focus on delivery time.

Guaranteed price

We ensure that our customers are not experiencing unexpected price increase.

Complete quality guarantee policy

100% quality guarantee covering all products. 100% free replacement ofdefective products free replacement policy.

Complete logistics solution

Door-to-door logistics and on-call small quantity order solutions.

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